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Discover our wonderful collection of natural honey at! Honey is not only a taste experience, but it also has several health benefits. Throughout history, people in different civilizations have loved and appreciated the ability of bees to create this natural food.

Use the honey in cooking, baking, skin care and to promote health and well-being.

Greek Flower Honey 900g Greek Flower Honey 900g

Greek Flower Honey 900g

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Flower honey 450g Flower honey 450g

Flower honey 450g

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Oak honey Oak honey

Oak honey

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Tall honey Tall honey

Tall honey

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Thyme honey Thyme honey

Thyme honey

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Chestnut honey Chestnut honey

Chestnut honey

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Acacia honey Acacia honey

Acacia honey

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Types of honey

Solid honey – all honey is liquid when freshly poured and stays liquid for a few months before it crystallizes and becomes solid. Solid honey has a light color and the sugar crystals are coarser than in liquid honey. The solid honey is good to use as a sweetener in tea or for baking.

Liquid honey - there are some types of honey that stay naturally liquid. One of the most well-known is the acacia honey, which never solidifies because it has a high fructose content and therefore stays naturally liquid. Liquid honey is used, among other things, to drizzle over yogurt or cheese.

Variegated honey – honey where more than half of the nectar comes from a particular type of flower is called varietal honey. In Sweden, the most common varieties of honey are heather honey and linden honey.

Use of honey

Commonly, honey is used as a sweetener in cooking, including in baked goods, sweets, tea and sweet drinks, as well as marinades. Which honey goes with what depends a lot on the taste and texture. Solid honey is good as a sweetener in tea or for baking, while liquid honey is used more for yogurt or cheese. In addition to food, honey can also be used in body care products.

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