Black Garlic

Discover the magical taste of Black Garlic at! The black garlic offers a perfect balance between sweet and salty, with a unique umami taste. With its licorice and molasses-like richness, along with a mild tartness from the garlic, Black Garlic will enchant your taste buds.

Its soft and jelly-like texture resembles dried fruit and almost melts in your mouth. Use Black Garlic as a flavor enhancer or as an exciting ingredient in a variety of dishes. Give your cooking a new dimension by trying Black Garlic today and experience a completely unique taste experience that enhances the taste of other ingredients. Order now at Etnomat!

What is Black Garlic?

Black Garlic is not a new type of garlic, but simply regular garlic that has gone through a special process. The garlic undergoes a so-called Maillard reaction, which can be compared to fermentation but is not fully so. This is done by placing the garlic in a special oven where it is exposed to constant heat for approx. 3 weeks, and then dried for a week. You can also make your own Black Garlic at home in e.g. a rice cooker, but will have to put up with a garlic-scented home in the meantime.

What does Black Garlic taste like?

Black Garlic has only a faint undertone of garlic, and the otherwise strong flavor and aroma is replaced by a sweet taste that can be likened to Umami, "the fifth taste". The taste is not the only thing that changes, as the clefts take on a jelly-like texture and a completely black color.

Buy Black Garlic online

With us at Etnomat, you can buy Black Garlic quickly and conveniently online. You simply use Black Garlic by mixing it with a little water, mash and add to your cooking as desired. The black garlic is even so good that it can even be eaten just as it is!