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Explore saffron's rich history and taste at! This yellow and tasty spice has enriched both cooking and baking in the Orient for thousands of years. In Sweden, saffron is best known as a traditional Christmas spice in luskets and other baked goods, but it is also used in cooking.

The mild and aromatic taste goes well with fish and shellfish, making it a perfect ingredient in classic dishes such as the French bouillabaisse and the Spanish paella. Discover our range of high-quality saffron and let your taste buds enjoy this exotic spice. Order saffron online at Etnomat today!

Saffron pistils 1g Saffron pistils 1g

Saffron pistils 1g

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Saffron grind - 1g Saffron grind - 1g

Saffron grind - 1g

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Where does saffron come from?

The saffron comes from the saffron crocus, where the pistils are picked and cleaned by hand. The flower is believed to come from the eastern Mediterranean area or western Asia, and is named after the Arabic "zafran" which means "to make yellow". Today, half of all saffron imported comes from Iran.

What is saffron used for?

Thanks to its mild taste, saffron can be used in a variety of dishes and pastries. In addition to the obvious luss buns, you can also bake saffron buns, pancakes or crusts with saffron. In cooking, the spice is perfect in risotto and other rice dishes, fish & seafood or as a flavoring in sauces for e.g. pasta. Flavoring ice cream with saffron is another popular use!

Buy saffron online

With us at Etnomat, you can buy saffron online, the world's most valuable spice, quickly and conveniently online. Saffron can make us happier in more ways than just tasting delicious, as research has shown that the spice actually elevates our mood and reduces symptoms of depression.