Tagliatelle spenat

Vikt: 450g

Spinach leaves of Greek production fill with the taste of our favorite vegetable the heart of our pasta and leave the imagination free for delicious combinations.
You can simply enjoy it either by sqeezing it with a hot butter and Parmesan , or it accompanies impeccably minced meat and poultry.
Ideal solution for a full and nourishing meal for both children and adults. PROPOSED COOKING RECIPE

Ingredienser: hårda vete semolina, spenat 2%. 

Näringsvärde per 100g: Energi 1464 kJ/ 350 kcal, fett 0,6 g, varav mättat fett 0,2 g, kolhydrater 76,6 g, varav socker 2 g,  fiber 6,7 g, protein 12 g, salt 0,07 g.

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Pasta tricolore
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Pasta fidelini
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