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In the modern way of living, the lack of energy and fatigue are too often. The main causes are: stress, many working hours, insufficient sleep, improper nutrition and the polluted environment. Given the inability to limit these causes, there is a need to enrich our diet. 

The herbs that are known to energize the body are more effective. An herb with an effective and scientifically proven energizing action is Nettle (brännässla te). Nettle provides enduring and positive energy to the body, not instant but short-term and negative like caffeine, because it strengthens the body's most basic system, the blood. 

The Greek Mountain Tea contributes also to the energizing of the body because of its antioxidant action and also to its other properties.

Ingredienser: Grekiska Mount Olympus Tea (sideritis scardica), brännässla (urfica dioca) 13%, kanel 4%.

Näringsinnehåll Per 100 g: Energi: 3 kJ/ 1 kcal, Fett: <0,1g, Varav mättat fett <0,1 g, Kolhydrater 0,2 g, Varav sockerarter <0,1 g, Protein <0,2 g, Salt: 0 g.

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